The Dog Days of Summer

7/6/16 – The Dog Days of Summer

LA Ice Rink

This post isn’t going to add much value, as it’s primary purpose is to get the blog portion of our site off the ground.  We are in the middle of the summer, so there isn’t much going on, at least not on the ice.  It is July 5, and we are just coming out of the July 4 weekend here in the USA.  The new calendar year for the NHL just got underway on July 1.  There were tons of free agents changing teams on July 1, the specifics of which will be on another blog post.  Since July 1, it has been very quiet in terms of signings.  I’m guessing most folks around the league kicked back over the holiday weekend.  We are now heading into development camp season.  Some teams have already had their camps, and other teams will be having theirs in the next few weeks.  The local team near me, the Carolina Hurricanes has theirs July 6-9.  As we enter August, things will get real quiet around the league as most players and front office staff will be taking their last vacation time before training camps get going in September.  Also, about 180-200 of the world’s best players will be preparing to get together in Canada for the World Cup of Hockey tournament that takes place from 9/17-10/1.  So, for the next 2 months, things will be fairly quiet around here, but rest assured, if anything newsworthy comes up between now and then, we will be sure to put in our two cents about it!