Live Streaming Rookie Mistake…

Well, I made a booboo.  Back on March 1, I did a 7 hour live stream showing my reaction and analysis of all transactions that took place on NHL Trade Deadline Day.  At one point during the stream, I left to go down the street to get lunch.  I left the stream running because I wanted it to be one video, not broken up. While I was gone, I left the view of my monitor up.  Well, on that monitor, I was watching ESPN, and it ended up a part of the stream. Sometime in the last week or two, the Disney anti-copyright bot found the video, and put a take down notice on that video.  As a result, The Hockey Nuts Youtube Channel is banned from live streaming for 90 days.  I didn’t know it at the time, and didn’t have time to research the porblem, but we couldn’t live stream our last recording of the podcast.  Now, we know why.  I guess I need to be more careful what gets streamed in the future!  That 7 hour stream was also simulcasted on Twitch and Facebook, and so far, those are unaffected.  However, I also learned that day that Facebook live streams are limited to 4 hours because that stream stopped right at the 4 hour mark, but I didn’t notice until later that night.  Additionally, Twitch streams have a finite shelf life, and the 7 hour stream will also disappear soon.

So, what do we do about it?  Well, I’m not about to pick a fight with the Disney Machine, so, we will just chalk it up as a rookie mistake and move on.  I do still plan on live streaming the recording of The Hockey Nuts Podcast, but for the next 3 months (Which takes us through the end of the season, unfortunately), we will only be able to stream to Facebook and Twitch.  I will continue to upload the video to Youtube, but it will have to be after we are done recording.  So, if you still want to watch us live, you will have to watch us on Facebook Live or Twitch.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Our links to our Facebook page Youtube Channel and Twitch Channel are below:

Facebook Page:

Twitch Channel (My personal channel.  We don’t have a Channel set up for The Hockey Nuts):

Youtube Channel: