The Hockey Nuts Podcast, Season 2, Episode 40 is live!

Coming up on this episode of the Hockey Nuts, Steve and I get you caught up with all of the news of the past week around the hockey world. The Stanley Cup Final continued this week with the Capitals and Golden Knights battling hard for the right to take home hockey’s holy grail.  Steve and I will get you caught up with everything that happened in the series.   We’ll have the details of all this plus the Minor League Hockey minute, and our picks of the week.

THN Season 2, Episode 40 (Episode 85) Show Notes 5/30-6/7


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Rangers highlights courtesy of MSG Network.  Bruins highlights courtesy of NESN.  Hurricanes highlights courtesy of Fox Sports Carolinas.  Other highlights and clips courtesy of NBC, NBC Sports Network, CBC, Sportsnet, and the National Hockey League.


Opening Tease:

  • Playoffs!!! And then there were 2!
  • 3 games since last podcast, all going to Washington.
  • Reminder: Changes Upcoming to the podcast



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  • The Philadelphia Flyers and Dallas Stars are the 2018 recipents of the Dick Dillman Award, presented annually by the Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA) to honor the work of outstanding NHL public relations staffs in each conference. The Flyers and Stars PR department each won the Dillman Award in 2015, and this marks the third time in six years Philadelphia has been recognized, led by senior director of communications Zack Hill and assisted by director of public relations Joe Siville and manager of broadcasting and media services Brian Smith.
  • Joe Bowen will receive the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for outstanding contributions as a hockey broadcaster, and Larry Brooks will receive the Elmer Ferguson Award for excellence in hockey journalism during the 2018 Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Weekend.



Power Ranking:

  1. Y – Washington (2)
  2. Y – Vegas (1)
  3. E – Tampa Bay (3)
  4. E – Winnipeg (4)
  5. E – Nashville (5)
  6. E – Pittsburgh (6)
  7. E – Boston (7)
  8. E – San Jose (8)
  9. E – Toronto (9)
  10. E – Colorado (10)
  11. E – Columbus (11)
  12. E – Philly (12)
  13. E – Minnesota (13)
  14. E – New Jersey (14)
  15. E – Los Angeles (15)
  16. E – Anaheim (16)
  17. e – Florida (17)
  18. e – St Louis (18)
  19. e – Dallas (19)
  20. e – Calgary (20)
  21. e – Carolina (21)
  22. e – Islanders (22)
  23. e – Edmonton (23)
  24. e – Rangers (24)
  25. e – Chicago (25)
  26. e – Vancouver (26)
  27. e – Detroit (27)
  28. e – Montreal (28)
  29. e – Arizona (29)
  30. e – Ottawa (30)
  31. e – Buffalo (31)



Minor League Hockey Minute




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  • Covering all of the game action and news of the week

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